I’m Jim, The Friendly Kitchen Giant

I love the magic of ecosystems, how everything has its place, the connectiveness, the diversity, the beauty. I strive to apply these elements in my cooking. I have been cooking around the world with an abundance of local ingredients and learning from all the different cultures that we are rich. Almost every culture uses fermentation to add taste, nutrients and life to their foods. I am a huge fan of anything fermented, so there is always something fermented in what I cook.

Ecosystem based Services

Local Food Care

Need a private chef at your location that connects with local producers and translates the taste of the local ecosystem?

Vegan Catering Service

Delivered to your location and completely tailored to your needs.

Available in the Netherlands

Workshops and Events

Fermentation Workshops

Basic and advanced fermentation workshops including:
– Pickles
– Tempeh
– Vinegar
– Wild Sodas

Wild foraging Walks

I organize foraging walks and dinners for small to medium sizes groups

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